When a Westminster Catawba 2nd grade class studied inventors and inventions, they decided to dream up their own gadget.

After gathering information throughout the Rock Hill school community, the students chose to create a tool to help kids open plastic snack packages in the lunchroom.

Concept Drawing

Clay Model

The students worked together using inventive and creative thinking to design the tool. Mike Dubowicz, a 3D Systems’ mechanical engineer, used the students' design to create the CAD model.

CAD File

“With the generous help of Richard Gregory from 3D Systems, the students' invention was actually made into a prototype model," said Mrs. Elizabeth Lambert, 2nd grade teacher.

3D Systems used the V-Flash® Desktop Modeler to build the parts.

The students were excited and amazed to have a real model of their invention.

Mrs. Lambert said, “I never dreamed we would get this far with our invention. It's very exciting!”