The high school students from the ATC in Rock Hill are making progress with their “Build-A-Car” project.

Recently, the students finished fabricating the frame. Once the frame was assembled, the small-engine class installed the motor. At that point, the drafting class was ready to begin designing the car body.

Working with 3D Systems’ rapid manufacturing manager, Chris Lewis, the students were able to create scale models using 3D AutoCAD software. The CAD models were then sent to the Sinterstation® Pro 230, which was chosen because of its ability to build tough, durable parts, up to 30 inches long, with a broad selection of materials from the toughest, most stable available plastics.

The scale models were used to verify form, fit, and function and also to highlight areas that may need strengthening. When the final design is determined, the body panels will be produced on the Sinterstation® Pro.

We are very excited to see what’s added to the car next!

ATC students test-driving the car and designing 3-D models.

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