Did You Know?

Recently, a video was circulating around 3D Systems entitled “Did You Know?”

3D Systems’ global tax director, Art McDonald, questioned the accuracy of the statistics and decided to verify if in fact the statements in the video were correct.

This was part of his response:

“When I saw that there are 540,000 words in English,
I wondered about the accuracy of the other statistics. English has almost a
million words.

So, I checked and thought about some of the stats.
The more I checked, the more I realized that this is a reminder that the
internet is no different than traditional sources of information—sometimes one
misstates and misinterprets information to support his point.”

After listing a number of items that were either wrong or were incorrectly used to support the videographer’s position, Art stated, “And none of this changes the central message—the world is changing at warp speed and our competition is international.”

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