3D Systems announced today the launch and immediate availability of our new sPro™ 60 SLS® Centers.

The sPro™ 60 SLS® system expands our line of sPro™ Centers with a new cost-savings production system and enables users to rapidly and economically manufacture stable, durable plastic parts for demanding functional testing and end-use applications.

These systems come with enhanced productivity within an optimized build volume called CleanSweep™ IR sensor technology, which gives you the ability to process multiple materials and the flexibility to change materials quickly.

Other optional features that are designed for the most rigorous manufacturing applications include:

  • ProScan™ digital imaging system
  • AccuTemp™ thermal control system

We are also introducing a new, affordable basic sPro™ 60 SLS® production system that offers unmatched value with the flexibility to upgrade to the more advanced sPro™ Production Centers.

Check out the new sPro™ 60 SLS® Center at RAPID 2009 in Booth #215!

Read the sPro™ 60 press release here.