The second annual HATCHfest Hatch-096Ashville took place just two weeks ago in the heart of downtown Asheville, North Carolina. According to HATCH, their mission is to "recognize, mentor,  educate and inspire the next generation of creative innovators." 

Our very own Rajeev Kulkarni, VP of Global Engineering, rajeev kulkarniimpressed and amazed with his Design and Technology keynote presentation on the portfolio of systems, capabilities, solutions and applications available through our Rock  Hill-based corporation. Rajeev then topped off his discussion "If a designer can imagine it… we can actually build it" with an awesome display and showcase of various objects, prototypes and actual final products rendered using additive manufacturing technologies. The rave reviews continue to pour in from people discussing their personal experiences and the thought provoking meetings that brought together some truly talented, creative individuals. 

We would like to thank the organizers of HATCHfest Asheville for providing 3D Systems the opportunity to present at the event.  Also, special thanks to Jen Lepkowski for sharing her picture with us!