In her keynote at the 13th Annual Wohlers Conference, titled"Design and Innovation from Additive Manufacturing', being held at Euromold 2011, Geomagic CEO and president, Ping Fu, will dive into a vision of 3D software, 3D printing and what it will deliver...

ping-objects-thumb.png3D data, hand-in-hand with 3D printing, is allowing just about anyone to design and deliver amazing, beautiful and custom-made products to consumers. As 3D printing continues to develop at a furious pace, with new technologies and materials, so 3D software takes a key role in how products are created and developed.

During her keynote, Ping will take attendees on a tour of what is now possible, entwined with what will be possible soon.

The key is 3D software that can deliver exactly what has been designed into physical form, and this is why atoms are now replacing the mystique of the last two decades - bits.

Conference Attendees to Euromold can attend the Annual Wohlers Conference on Dec 1st, 2011, in Frankfurt, Ger.