Every one has a story, including Ping Fu. Today Ping Fu, CEO and president of Geomagic, posted to the White House blog about the need for diversity in business to help foster innovation and entrepreneurialism.


Geomagic is an anchor member of NCWIT's (National Council on Women In Technology) Entrepreneurial Alliance, an initiative to develop an entrepreneurial community that will enable more businesswomen to excel and lead in founding new technology companies. This Alliance was announced today at Facebook's Palo Alto location by President Obama.

In the post Ping recounts how 2001 served up shaky times for her startup 3D software company and how private funding and government grants allowed Geomagic to become the powerhouse it is today.

This converges well with Ping's recent activities with Start Up America and the White House's NACIE initiatives to promote leadership in the USA through business startups.

You can read the entire post on the White House's website.