This innocent little headline does nothing to describe the levels of excitement, mayhem and madness that exist in the Geomagic headquarters. Geomagic is moving at the end of this week to newer, flashier offices and it's all hands on deck to make sure valuable scanners, equipment and artwork are safely crated for the movers.

For weeks now, the Geomagic IT team has devoted every waking hour (and we suspect a few of the sleeping hours too) on installing new switches, networks and servers. Outfitting for our new showrooms and lab facilities are underway, while the training center gradually takes shape.

Architects, contractors and our own John Toups pore over plans and designs. Ping is busy selecting products made by our customers and buying additional artwork, all for the showrooms. Employees in the office have gradually devolved from wearing nice working clothes into ratty jeans and t-shirts, and piles of trash magically appear in the hallways as everyone tries to purge the stuff they have acquired.

The keenest hoarders are, of course, Marketing, who will always save every item, design, article, brochure, booth and poster ever created just in case. We are now being forced to purge items - a task that we can enjoy now we have started it. However, it looks like the recycling people are going to need a hefty tip by the time we're done with this!

Engineering has been prompt - it's really just a case of them loading their Transformer models and lucky coffee cup into a crate and they're done, anyway.

In the meantime, key services such as Technical Support continue their jobs with a supernatural calm, seemingly oblivious to the madness occurring in every hallway and office. (This bunch of Tech Support folks is pretty hard to scare.) But we have a plan which will cause them to respond the coffee machines leave the old building on Friday. We are almost certain that they will feel a sudden urge to pack when the coffee is a few miles away.

And the Sales team you ask? Well, they were the bright ones. They all packed weeks ago and left to tour their regions'.

On a slightly more serious note, Geomagic's main phones will be out of service for a short while on Friday afternoon, Sept 9, 2011. Click here for information on how to contact us while we are switching over to the new office.

In the meantime, we will keep you informed of our progress right here at the Geomagic blog.


Images 1 & 2 (left): Starting with one small box, the trash piles have rapidly multiplied - mostly thanks to Marketing.

Image 3. Josh in Tech Support remains stoic throughout the entire moving mayhem

Image 4. Our flashy new offices await.