Fans of the movie Predator are familiar with and fascinated by the grotesque potential of literally losing their heads to alien hoards. This week at San Diego’s Comic-Con, those fans were offered the opportunity to experience a better and safer alternative: keeping their bodies fully intact, while seeing what their own alien decapitation would look like with a 3D printed model.
To commemorate the re-release of the 1980s alien film in 3D this year, 3D Systems worked with Paramount Studios to help fans get excited with miniature 3D printed models of their heads and spinal cords held high in triumphant alien claws. 
3D Systems used a special 3D photo-booth to take eight simultaneous photos of diehard fans and curious passersby alike, and then convert these photos into an interactive 3D model that could be customized with unique hairstyle and hair colors before being 3D printed in full color.
Check out this CNET video below to see how it's all done.

And remember, the models aren’t only available at Comic-Con! For a 3D model of your very own, check out