CNBC traveled from NYC to 3D Systems’ headquarters today in Rock Hill, SC., to do a story on 3D printing and how it is bolstering and shaping the manufacturing industry. The 3D printing industry itself is valued at $2.2 billion dollars, up almost 30% from last year.

3D Systems is one of the leaders in this booming market with services and solutions representing every facet of the 3D printing value chain.  From manufacturing the printers, developing the design software for creating printable content, offering a global parts service as well as printers ranging from entry-level consumer  to professional and production printers for the more experienced designers and manufacturers, 3D Systems is the only full 3D content-to-print provider. Check out this video of Mary Thompson with CNBC and our 3D printers below.

Live broadcasts were made during the day's shoot. You can view one here

Wed Aug 7, 11:16am ET – Eyeing a new dimension for manufacturing