On July 31, 2013, Jeff Epps, a teacher from Richmond County School district in North Carolina, was awarded a Champions of Change award at the White House for his work over the last four years to integrate 3D software and technology into the school curriculum.

In collaboration with 3D Systems Geomagic Solutions, Jeff has been implementing a range of 3D technologies that enable middle and high school students to learn software coding, 3D scanning, 3D design, and soon, 3D printing.

Epps is on a mission: He sees a future in which students finish school with employable skills, such as engineering, alongside the intellectual tools to take them further, like critical thinking, applying knowledge, and adapting to new challenges.

“Early exposure to emerging technologies such as 3D will lead our students to greatness,” he says. “If we are to lead the world, we must cast the vision of what the marketplace will be by teaching skills and thought processes that will be relevant in the future.”

“It was such a huge honor to be at the White House and be able to share views with other educators who are getting technology out to school kids,” Epps continued.

Using a Cube 3D printer, Epps also 3D printed a set of rings for the other winners and presented them at the White House event.

View video of Jeff and a group of students working in 3D at a Hamlet, N.C., school this summer, below. (4 minutes)



In addition, you can view video of Jeff at a Technology Panel at the White House (1 hr 50 minutes long)