As we reach new levels in technological capability, we likewise heighten our expectations for what’s to come. The demand for new and improved devices regenerates seemingly daily, and as core devices evolve, so too must their accessories. For their part, high-end headphone manufacturer Fujikon, is constantly exploring better noise-cancelling functionality, wireless connectivity and sound quality, as well as innovating more attractive products, all with faster time-to-market.

To accelerate their innovation, Fujikon’s R&D team decided to try their hand with 3D printing, and settled on the ProJet® 7000 after testing and evaluating all the leading 3D technologies. A workhorse in the world of Stereolithography, the ProJet 7000 offers Fujikon the sizeable build platform they need, along with the precision, surface finish and material properties required to assemble, drill and screw printed pieces without breaking. Because it uses two lasers of different sizes, the ProJet 7000 enables Fujikon to rapidly create parts while ensuring feature accuracy and allowing choice in layer thickness. This allows Fujikon to test and create samples with complex geometries that they wouldn’t have considered before.

Fujikon reports that 3D printing has made them 62% faster, allowing them to evaluate designs, verify parts and assemblies, and perform acoustic testing for a sharper competitive edge. For more on their experience and details on their transition to 3D printing, read the full case study.