Quack-Quack the duck had a stroke of bad luck the day he was attacked by a dog on the campus of National Taiwan University (NTU). The forecast was bleak following his admittance to and operation at the university’s Animal Hospital, where it was determined that the internal damage to his foot would make it impossible for Quack-Quack to successfully put weight on it.

It’s easy to sympathize with the challenges one faces with a loss of mobility, but the resultant dangers skyrocket in the animal kingdom, where mobility is a very real part of survival. Recognizing this and eager to help as best they could, the Taipei Hackerspace and group at Lung X Lung Design combined forces to get Quack-Quack back on his feet.

To work their magic, the team used the Sense 3D scanner to capture the 3D data they needed to create a mold for the Quack-Quack’s foot. Once they had the model on screen, they 3D printed a foot covering and brace that fit the precise contours of the duck’s foot. After a few bouts of trial and error, the team was able to fashion a lightweight brace that allowed Quack-Quack to put weight on his foot and keep his balance without experiencing pain.

With the intervention of this custom 3D design, it is now expected that Quack-Quack will make a full recovery, which is heartwarming news for the teams that put their time and energy into this task, and also encouraging and inspring for a broader base of customized 3D health applications. Click here for more on Quack-Quack’s story.