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We at 3DS are thrilled to announce the availability of our Touch™ haptic stylus and our OpenHaptics Software Developer Kit (SDK) for easy and accessible experimentation and app development by all. The Touch enables designers and developers to experience a simple, sculptural process with force feedback, providing a physical connection with their digital creations.

To help interested parties get introduced to the world of haptics, we are making things even more real by bringing virtual reality into the mix, which we will be demoing this week at CES through a game called HapStack™, developed by the Art School of Glasgow, Digital Design Studio. HapStack uses both the Oculus Rift VR headset and the Touch haptic stylus to transport the player to Mars for a completely immersive, “out of this world experience.” If you’re with us this week at CES, please come by booth 72225 in the Sands Expo to play! As if you needed any incentive, we’ll be awarding top scorers from each day with a Sense 3D scanner.

If you think the Touch and our SDK might be right for you, check out our Developer’s Portal. There you will find a series of challenges through our partners at TopCoder centering on the convergence of haptics, virtual reality and 3D printing, which merge to create a powerful digital thread that serves as the key to new worlds of human-machine interaction.

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