In pursuit of its corporate value promise to help clients “make and/or buy better precision parts much faster at a lower cost and with greater confidence,” Level 3 Inspection (L3I) in Stuart, Florida, has devised a system as straightforward as its goal.

The Smart Inspection Station (SiS), a patent-pending product of L3I’s sister company Smart Inspection Systems, has fast-tracked and simplified the detailed inspection of precision parts. The SiS is the world’s first automated, turnkey Computer Aided Inspection from high accuracy 3D scanning solution, which lets  non-technical operators in virtually any manufacturing field comprehensively inspect production parts on the shop floor in a matter of minutes.

Using integrated robotics, the SiS automatically presents and positions parts for 3D scanning. These part surface SmartScans™ are then analyzed with 3DS’ Geomagic Control inspection software, which has been built into the SiS process and provides the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive dimensional quality inspection results. Under complete automation by the AutoSmartInspect™ orchestration software, Geomagic Control quickly generates a detailed report that verifies the part’s quality, compares it to CAD designs, completes dimensional inspection reports, identifies problem areas, dispositions parts, and more. With automation, speed and reports of this caliber, manufacturers are able to easily identify process issues early on while increasing product quality and productivity

SiS machines are already being used in precision manufacturing industries like healthcare and aerospace, where Geomagic Control’s second-to-none airfoil analysis tools are invaluable.

Click the video below to see how the SiS and Geomagic Control are putting automated, precise dimensional quality inspection capabilities within reach right on the shop floor.