Ideas are moving in thought form, but ideas are transformative when they turn to realities.  Each day technology helps bring ideas to life, and some of these ideas are life changing. In recognition of this fact, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has announced the theme “Technology Changing the World” for CES 2016, and we are honored to be featured among the core examples of their campaign.

3D Printing is Technology That's Changing the World at CES 2016


You may recall our work with Derby the Dog, who we outfitted with prosthetic legs to help him run and play despite his malformed front paws. Derby is one of the many cases of 3D printing stepping in to improve daily life and function in a fundamental way. The profound benefits of 3D printing are not cordoned off to healthcare and prosthetic applications – they extend well beyond into reduced fuel cost through more efficient engineering design and even into the kitchen and classroom, with more personalized methods of expression, thinking and problem solving.

3D printing is changing the way all of us live, work and play, and we look forward to sharing our work and technology’s possibilities with the CES audience. Click here to see more examples of how we are Making Good.