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Versatile Materials, Finest Detail Metal Printer

Bring your direct metal printing to the next level:

  1. Integrated Metal Printing Solution: Combining 3DXpert software, ProX DMP 200 printer, tested materials, and application engineer expertise delivers time, cost, and functionality benefits.
  2. Finest Details, Thinnest Wall Thicknesses: 3D Systems' patented layer applying technology enables the use of smaller particles, achieving the finest feature detail and thinnest wall thicknesses.
  3. Best Surface Finish, Less Supports: The ProX DMP 200 offers a surface finish quality of up to 5 Ra μm, reducing post-processing needs. Its excellent powder compaction allows printing down to 20° angles without supports, leading to less post-processing and material usage, thus saving time and cost.

Benefit from this professional and precise metal 3D printer with 500W laser source, and leverage our bundle promotion!


The Special Bundle Includes:

  • DMP 200 Printer System Configuration 
  • System Installation / Calibration
  • Training for Two Operators
  • First Year of Preventative Maintenance
  • Two Years Service Plan (Customer is covered for total of 3 years)
  • 3DXpert Premium Software
  • Key Accessories and Peripherals
  • Attractive Offering

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    • Material Starter Kit and Material Parameter license not included


    * PO is required by September 20, 2024, with shipment no later than September 30.

    ** Payment terms, T&C and Incoterms – FCA: changes may decrease the discount

    ***This offer is only valid on new purchases and cannot be applied to previous transactions

  • 3D Systems ProX DMP 200 3D Printer hero
  • DMP Flex 200


    • Build volume 140 x 140 x 115 mm
    • High performance at lower cost
    • Easy loading and cleaning
    • Consistent, low O2 environment
    • Software: 3DXpert