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Expand your manufacturing capabilities with selective laser sintering (SLS). SLS produces tough, functional parts, with the ability to achieve excellent surface finish and fine detailing. With the right selection of materials, SLS enables you to directly print robust functional prototypes and end-use parts.

3D Systems’ range of production-grade materials holds the key to robust, repeatable parts, offering you a wide variety of features and isotropic properties including:

  • Tough black nylon 11 – tough, impact- and fatigue-resistant
  • Tough natural-colored nylon 11 – tough and durable
  • Biocompatible nylon 12 – strong and tough biocompatible material
  • Flame retardant nylon 12 – excellent surface finish, reliable fire retardancy, and reduced smoke density and toxicity
  • Aluminum-filled nylon 12 – excellent surface finish and high stiffness with a metallic aesthetic
  • Glass-filled nylon 12 – excellent stiffness and heat resistance
  • Fiber-reinforced nylon 12 – excellent stiffness, high temperature resistance, non-conductive and RF transparent

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