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3D Systems Automotive Webinar Series

Lowering cycle time while protecting quality is the key to increasing injection molding productivity. With cooling for complex parts accounting for up to 70% to 80% of the total cycle, making cooling more effective is a logical starting point for increasing efficiency. So why are prolonged cooling times still so common? Because incorporating well-designed cooling systems is difficult with conventional approaches.  

This webinar reviews new methodologies that are now available that enable you to apply high productivity conformal cooling on complex tools to considerably reduce mold design time, molding time, and improve productivity. Join 3D Systems’ experts to get firsthand insights into the software solutions, process knowledge, and advanced metal 3D printing equipment and materials necessary for success and discover how to leverage 3D Systems’ comprehensive application expertise to:  

  • Dramatically decrease cycle time and increase productivity of molded part production 
  • Manage heat dissipation and achieve uniform cooling through an efficient cooling system 
  • Accelerate tool design time and increase efficiency of your cooling system 
  • Decrease overall lead time from design to part production 
  • Ensure quality through targeted heat management  

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