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We invite you to watch this informative and engaging webinar. Our partner Andrew Lee, PhD, FluidForm’s head of bioprinting, presents an overview of FRESH 3D bioprinting. He shares its applications for research, repair, and replacement of human tissues.

In a discussion following the presentation, we cover the unique FRESH platform and its compatibility with soft materials as well as Allevi by 3D Systems bioprinting portfolio. Plus, we explore the future of bioprinting and how we can achieve our goals to solve today’s clinical challenges.

Watch now to discover more about:

  • The current state of bioprinting
  • FRESH 3D bioprinting as a unique platform for printing soft materials
  • Published example applications of FRESH 3D bioprinting
  • Discussion of the future of 3D bioprinting
  • Bioprinting with the Allevi by 3D Systems platform

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