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Watch this interview-style panel discussion, and discover new innovations and trends in additive manufacturing for orthopaedic spine surgeries. Highlighted applications include:

  • The Kumovis R1, a new extrusion platform enabling manufacturers to 3D print interbody cages in PEEK with biphasic calcium phosphate to enhance cell attachment and proliferation
  • Trial spacers in Radel® PPSU that are resterilizable up to 500 cycles and available with barium sulfate filler for X-ray visibility
  • Bone plates in carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK (CFR-PEEK), an implantable material with a modulus close to human bone 
  • Patient-specific interbody devices in titanium, which have demonstrated better planned spinal alignment, reduced stress on endplates, and improved bone graft loading when compared to standard devices

Meet our Speakers

Stefan Leonhardt

Director, Medical Devices @Kumovis GmbH, a 3D Systems company

stefan leonhardt








Zachary Wilczynski

Manager, Product Development, Healthcare @3D Systems

zachary Wilczynski







Jeph Ruppert

Director, Application Innovation Group @3D Systems

Jeph Ruppert







Benjamin Johnson

Vice President of Portfolio & Regulatory @3D Systems

Ben Johnson