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The cost-effective integration of metal additive manufacturing (AM) is about more than the metal printing system you choose, and upwards of 70% of part cost is impacted by the efficiency of the complete production workflow. Regional sales expert from 3D Systems and Amiga Solutions will share the results of our close collaboration to give examples of workflows that minimize cost per part while maximizing quality.

Topics covered include:

  • Metal AM  is not an isolated technology and needs to be brought into a workflow
  • How individual workflow steps like part design, part preparation, inspection, machining and cutting can be brought into an efficient workflow
  • The importance of the design stage in defining final cost per part

Watch this presentation now and discover how our metal workflow can minimize cost per part while maximizing quality. 

Meet the Expert

Timothy Naylor, Regional sales in 3D Systems








Sarah Cole, Product designer at Amiga Engineering


Sarah is currently a technical sales consultant at Amiga Engineering and has 14+ years of experience in  3D Print service bureau related roles. In the last couple of years Sarah has seen a real shift in the technology with new DMP applications and evolved resin materials. Amiga Engineering specialise in advanced DMP applications and have expertise in 3D Polymer printing.