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Please note: The recording will be available in early 2023 as Shreyas and the team work to complete their research and publish the work. 

We invite you to watch our Allevi User Spotlight Webinar "Bioprinted Pancreatic Tumor: Next Generation Tool for Anti-Cancer Assessment" with speaker Shreyas Gaikwad, Ph.D. candidate at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. This webinar focused on the production and characterization of bioprinted pancreatic tumor models using an Allevi 3D bioprinter.

Key webinar topics:

  • Pancreatic tumor microenvironment
  • Bioink considerations
  • Characterization Parameters
    • Cell Viability and proliferation
    • Tumor stiffness
    • Protein expression changes
    • Chemotherapy screening
    • Irradiation therapy
    • Creating the immune microenvironment

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