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The Allevi Bioprint Pro software allows you to set up well plate experiments with different experimental groups all through an easy-to-use interface. With it, there is no need to run different prints for each parameter you test – you can adjust your variables and customize your well plate layout to print multiple groups with the click of one button.This brings reproducibility, repeatability and automation, which are all key aspects of bioprinting research.

We have taken this functionality even further and are now launching Experiment Templates. This new feature enables you to use Allevi’s suggested experimental setups for bioink optimization, cell concentration testing, infill manipulation, and others. With this level of automation, you do not need to worry about your bioprint experimental setup and can focus on the outputs that matter most. 

Watch this webinar to learn step by step how our Experiment Templates feature gives you the ability to:

  • Easily repeat past experiments and material configurations
  • Rapidly prototype materials by finely tuning print parameters
  • Use Allevi’s suggested experimental setups
  • Accelerate bioprinting workflows

Watch now to learn best practices for incorporating experiment templates into your current bioprinting process.


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