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We invite you to watch this informative webinar featuring Dr. Adam Feinberg, CTO of FluidForm and professor at Carnegie Mellon University. During the webinar, Dr. Feinberg presents "FRESH 3D Bioprinting of Human Tissue and the Path Towards Translation," and shares:

  • Groundbreaking research from his lab at Carnegie Mellon
  • Why he founded Fluidform, a company that creates human tissues for regenerative medicine
  • Where he sees the most promise in the field of bioprinting 

In this latest installment of Allevi by 3D Systems’ Meet the Innovators series, our own Vice President and General Manager of Bioprinting Taci Pereira facilitated a Q&A session that provided key insights about the field of 3D bioprinting, including its applications and perspectives on translational potential.


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