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3D Systems Automotive Webinar Series

Space in the vehicle is constrained, but critical components like electrical wiring, hoses, and tubes need to be routed, often in challenging environments. Find out how you can alleviate constraints and satisfy the increasing requirements of new propulsion systems and vehicle architectures with optimized retention components. 

This webinar shows you how the combination of comprehensive software solutions, advanced additive manufacturing (AM) equipment, new material technologies, and extensive process knowledge enable you to rapidly design, test, and iterate the most complex and effective retention components. You will also discover where and how the cost equation is shifting for some applications for direct printing to replace tool production. Join 3D Systems’ experts to learn how you can:  

  • Accelerate validation of your flexible retention parts 
  • Optimize performance through more complex designs 
  • Iterate quickly with design intent parts 
  • Reduce part count by consolidating retention of multiple flexible components into a single part 
  • Identify which of your applications is now more cost-effective through direct production with 3D printing 

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