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Driven by consumer demand, the life of many of the products we use is constantly shrinking. The effect on upstream manufacturers is to place more emphasis on a shorter time to market and a compressed product development cycle. Additive Manufacturing helps by digitizing one of the least automated parts of the product development process – traditionally prototyping, but which today also includes low-run production and tooling. Where in the last 20 years the power of 3D printing has been brought to bear on the ‘product definition’ and ‘product creation’ stages of the product cycle, it is now also positively impacting the ‘industrialization’ stage. When additive manufacturing is able to deliver both high productivity and required part mechanical performance, the end result is the ability to churn out thousands or tens of thousands of repeatable, production parts at a cost that makes sense for short series or batch run production.

Watch this webinar recording and learn:

  • How the latest advances in AM contribute to manufacturing agility and efficiency
  • How a new generation of materials is influencing AM production outcomes
  • How full-workflow AM solutions leverage existing capital investments and deliver greater factory integration



Sam Green

Principal, Product Marketing,
3D Systems​​​