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Successful jewelry design requires creativity, quality, and the ability to reproduce true-to-CAD patterns. 3D Systems combines over 20 years of jewelry manufacturing experience and industry-specific solutions to give you a competitive advantage in high-throughput and mass-custom jewelry manufacturing.

Watch this webinar to learn how our 3D printing solutions ensure perfect quality and reliability every time, reduce cost and time-to-market, and help you achieve new levels of jewelry design and productivity. Fitting into your standard manufacturing workflow from finely detailed, high-fidelity prototypes, to lost wax casting and mold making, our wide range of additive manufacturing solutions addresses all jewelry design styles and production challenges.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Jewelry design challenges
  • Solutions within the jewelry design to manufacturing workflow
  • Benefits of 3D printed wax patterns for direct jewelry casting
  • Examples of jewelry casting use cases

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