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"The strength and finish of parts printed in Figure 4 Rigid White are just what we needed. It is the best opaque white additive manufacturing material and it works extremely well with our applications such as smooth nests for medical device manufacturing equipment, durable prototypes with high surface quality, and high detail. We’ve replaced other similar polymers in our operations with the Figure 4 Rigid White.”

- David Baker, President, Worxsimple, LLC

Figure 4 Rigid White No CTA

With recent process advancements, additive manufacturing enables access to parts with production-ready quality, speed, and cost. The only thing left to master has been achieving production-grade material properties.

With Figure 4 production-grade materials, including Figure 4 Rigid White, the wait is over. Now it is possible to go from prototyping straight to production on the same system for a seamless and efficient workflow.

To learn more about Figure 4 capabilities and the broad portfolio of materials available to meet your needs, download the Figure 4 materials guide to learn about the properties of Figure 4 production-grade materials, including:

  • Mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties (including flammability, dielectric properties, and 24-hour water absorption);
  • Isotropic properties;
  • Long-term indoor and outdoor environmental stability;
  • Chemical and automotive fluid compatibility;
  • Biocompatibility.

With testing and conditioning per ASTM and ISO requirements, Figure 4 production-grade materials enable a true production solution. 

Download the Materials Guide – True Production-Grade Materials for Figure 4 – to find the right Figure 4 material for your application.