• 3D printing has become a near-universal method for producing prototypes and short-run production parts without the time and expense of hard tooling, and the list of suitable applications is expanding.

    Direct production is massively scalable and can operate within automated production lines, thus giving manufacturers the ability to quickly iterate a design and immediately manufacture an end-use part. Production-grade materials enable a viable and compelling alternative to traditional manufacturing methodologies.

    3D Systems’ Figure 4 technology combines speed, throughput, and production-grade materials, delivering the ability to quickly iterate a design and immediately manufacture end-use parts. This results in greater agility and more capabilities for mass custom manufacturing and high value end-use parts. The CAD-to-production speed is perfect for bridge manufacturing, enabling companies to go to market much faster, with the option to convert to injection molding to ramp up production volumes when tooling is ready.

    Download this white paper and discover how freeing the production process from the need for tooling means:

    • Faster production time
    • Greater flexibility for production quantities
    • Increased versatility to deliver different parts simultaneously
  • Download the White Paper

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