• Key benefits of using NoSupports

  • Eliminating supports in direct metal printing (DMP) improves part production efficiency without compromising on part quality.

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    Reduce Time and Costs

    Eliminating supports accelerates part production and delivery. Reduce the cost of labor and minimize material waste. Less supports means less scrap and post-processing which expediting build times.

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    Improve Repeatability

    NoSupports strategies improve dimensional repeatability and surface homogeneity while empowering expanded design freedom and advanced print capabilities such as nesting.

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    Unlock New Applications

    Discover new possibilities such as complex geometries, and enclosed channels not previously possible. Less supports means quicker builds and faster turnaround on design iterations. 

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    Expedite Post-Processing

    If no supports are used, you eliminate the need for their removal during post-processing, significantly reducing the time to delivery.

Real-World NoSupports Applications

  • Acetabular Cups

    NoSupports build strategies make acetabular cup production even more cost-effective by using a supportless stacking configuration. This approach saves time, reduces labor cost and minimizes material waste, while improving dimensional repeatability.

  • Turbo Pump Casing

    The turbo pump casing with a diameter of 455 mm was printed seamless in 75 hours on the DMP Factory 500. This cost-competitive solution was achieved by combining the high-productivity Ni718 parameters with 3D Systems NoSupports build strategies.

  • 3d-systems-healthcare-vsp-cmf-planning

    VSP® Fibula Guide

    NoSupports strategies combined with design for AM (DfAM) practices enable you to rapidly produce mass personalized devices—such as this titanium 3D printed fibula cutting guide—without compromising on part quality. 

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Less is More with NoSupports