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Additive manufacturing has transformed both prototyping and production, delivering a myriad of previously unrealised benefits.

However, it isn’t enough to simply understand your chosen hardware and technology process. In order to truly realise and deliver additive manufacturing’s benefits one must understand the diverse range of materials available and how each can bring specific characteristics to elevate your prototype or production part.

Our Materials Guide provides the overview you need to understand the 3D printing materials landscape. You’ll uncover a wide array of plastic materials, which deliver a vast range of characteristics such as flexibility to bio-compatibility and more, ensuring you have a material suited to your specific application’s requirements.

Download our Plastic’s material guide now and explore the range of advanced materials that exist to help you take advantage of a range of characteristics such as:

  • Flexibility and durability,
  • Stiffness, toughness and stability
  • Clarity and look and feel
  • Bio-compatibility and temperature or water resistance

Download now using the form on this page.