Demonstrations of company’s end-to-end solutions, from 3D printers to engineering software to on demand manufacturing services Presentations and workshops covering the latest applications and advancements in 3D technology SLAbot-2 installation to showcase ultra-fast Stereolithography designed for integration in automated manufacturing environment

ROCK HILL, South Carolina, March 22, 2016 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today that it will feature the full range of its advanced 3D printers, materials and software solutions as well as its on-demand manufacturing services as a Diamond Sponsor of the 2016 Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference in St. Louis, MO, April 3-7. Visitors to the show are invited to experience how 3D Systems’ technology can transform their workflow and optimize their designs, processes, and results. 3D Systems’ technology and subject matter experts will be located at Midway Suite III of the St. Louis Union Station.

3D Systems will also host a diverse program of in-depth discussions on the latest developments in additive manufacturing and digital design for which guests can pre-register today.

“Now a leading conference for additive manufacturing, AMUG evolved from an early users’ group of 3D Systems’ Stereolithography technology in the late 1980s,” said Cathy Lewis, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, 3D Systems. “Currently in our 30th anniversary year, 3D Systems is thrilled to celebrate this joint history with such a collaborative community as we continue to develop solutions to improve designs, transform workflows, bring original products to market and drive new business models.”

3D Systems’ display at Midway Suite III will feature a wide range of advanced 3D technologies, including:

  • Ultra-fast, modular, additive manufacturing via the SLAbot-2 technology demonstration. The SLAbot-2 is powered by 3D Systems’ Figure 4 module, which was conceived from the original Stereolithography (SLA) patent filed by the company’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Chuck Hull, in 1983. The SLAbot-2 is the second iteration of a Figure 4 demonstration, showcasing 3D Systems’ vision of additive manufacturing for unique products in an automated manufacturing environment. For more information on the evolution of the company’s technology, visitors are encouraged to pre-register for presentations by 3D Systems’ Senior Researcher, Scott Turner.
  • High precision, high throughput Direct Metal Printing (DMP) on the ProX™ DMP 320. Optimized for additive manufacturing in titanium, stainless steel or nickel super alloy, the ProX DMP 320 features exchangeable manufacturing modules to support rapid material change or replenishment, setting a new standard for productivity in metal 3D printing. With preset build parameters developed from the outcome of nearly half-a-million prints, the ProX DMP 320 offers predictable and repeatable print quality at fast turnaround speeds for demanding production environments, including aerospace, automotive and healthcare, among others.
  • Production-grade SLA printing on the ProJet® 6000 and ProX 800, offering a wide choice of materials that match or exceed the properties of traditional plastics, including high-temperature resistance, tensile strength, and impact strength as well as USP Class VI capable materials for bio-compatible medical or dental applications. The original 3D printing technology, SLA remains the gold standard in accuracy. The ProJet 6000 delivers fast, high-quality SLA printing with streamlined build optimization. The increased throughput of the ProX 800 rivals CNC and injection molded parts and enables large, highly detailed pieces to be produced quickly and accurately with exceptional surface quality.
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) on the ProX 500 for durable end-use parts and prototypes. Widely used for a variety of aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer and industrial machining applications, the ProX 500 produces parts that equal or surpass injection molding quality.

  • The ProJet MJP 3600 Series for enhanced productivity in a wide range of prototyping, casting and end-use part production applications. This MultiJet Printing (MJP) series is capable of printing at speeds up to twice as fast as the previous generation, enabling increased throughput and enhanced ownership value. The ProJet MJP 3600 Series uses VisiJet® M3 plastic materials to deliver incredible detail, high-temperature resistance, and watertight surfaces. This Series also includes models for printing detailed wax patterns for investment casting applications as well as dental wax-ups, models and USP Class VI capable, bio-compatible drill guides.
  • Office-friendly 3D printing on the ProJet MJP 2500 Series. Combining professional-grade capabilities with an affordable, office-friendly footprint and easy part processing, the upcoming series in 3D Systems’ family of MultiJet Printers is designed to enable a broader range of professionals to create precision parts without leaving their workplace.
  • 3D Systems’ on-demand parts manufacturing, Quickparts®, providing advanced prototyping and production solutions using traditional and additive technologies, materials and finishing options. Alongside its complete range of advanced manufacturing solutions, 3D Systems offers ITAR-, AS9100C- and ISO 9001:2008-certified facilities for aviation, aerospace and defense applications as well as ISO 13485-certified facilities for healthcare solutions. 3D Systems’ on-demand parts manufacturing features instant online quoting and connects designers, engineers, and manufacturers with a committed global team of advanced manufacturing experts.
  • Direct scan-to-CAD workflow integration with 3D Systems Capture® and Geomagic Design™ X. Using the integrated Capture 3D scanner and Geomagic software, designers and engineers can seamlessly and accurately create precise feature-based CAD data directly from 3D scans as part of a scan-to-print workflow.

In addition to the 3D products and services on display in Midway Suite III, 3D Systems will offer informative sessions on the following topics:

  • The evolution of Stereolithography featuring the SLAbot-2, the company’s latest development in SLA.
  • How to design for additive manufacturing parts, molds, and tools, highlighting how designers and engineers can bypass the limitations of traditional manufacturing in a fluid digital-to-physical workflow.
  • Precision healthcare and personalized medical solutions, including Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®) and 3D printed anatomical models, surgical guides, and devices.
  • Metal printing for aerospace and defense, showcasing how complex designs can lead to lower costs, lighter weight and enhanced performance in mission critical applications.
  • Full-color printing for medical, industrial and entertainment, to garner insights, drive effective communication and pioneer visual and functional process innovations.
  • The latest Selective Laser Sintering materials and system features, and how to leverage them to create functional end-use parts and drive product innovation.
  • 3DSPRINT™, allowing users to prepare, fix, print and monitor files in a single front end software platform.

3D Systems’ Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Chuck Hull, will also attend AMUG 2016 and participate in a Diamond Sponsor Panel on April 5. “It is always a pleasure to be able to exchange and foster new ideas directly with our users,” said Hull. “We are excited to celebrate our 30-year history at AMUG 2016, and to share this milestone with those who have joined us along the way.”  

A full AMUG 2016 presentation schedule is available on the conference website.

About 3D Systems

3D Systems provides comprehensive 3D products and services, including 3D printers, print materials, on-demand manufacturing services and digital design tools. Its ecosystem supports advanced applications from the product design shop to the factory floor to the operating room. 3D Systems’ precision healthcare capabilities include simulation, Virtual Surgical Planning, and printing of medical and dental devices as well as patient-specific surgical instruments. As the originator of 3D printing and a shaper of future 3D solutions, 3D Systems has spent its 30-year history enabling professionals and companies to optimize their designs, transform their workflows, bring innovative products to market and drive new business models.

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