GMV is a multinational group of companies with presence in the USA.insightARTHRO VR® is part of our developments in the field of virtual reality simulation for minimal invasive surgery training

Realistic Arthroscopic Experiences:

insightARTHRO VR® is a multi-purpose tool that can be adapted to different arthroscopic techniques (e.g. shoulder, knee).

insightARTHRO VR® includes different virtual anatomical models and arthroscopic instruments supervised by our experts. This results in an extremely realistic experience for the user. It also allows the system to adapt to specific cases. In this wayinsightARTHRO VR® can be used in real arthroscopic surgery planning.


Training Cases:

The insightARTHRO VR® case library includes a didactic sequence of training cases made by our experts which promotes the learning process. It includes exercises to develop the navigation skills using both the arthroscopic camera and the virtual instruments to reach manual/visual coordination.

insightARTHRO VR® provides tools to evaluate skills in practise exercises. insightMIST also provides statistical and graphical data and information to evaluate a surgeon during a training period. The evaluation system is being extended to include new analysis algorithms and post-processing simulation data.

insightARTHRO VR® includes a multimedia area to promote teaching.


Adapted Arthroscopic Instrument Set:

insightARTHRO VR® provides a compatible interface with real sets of instruments and a configurable set of arthroscopic instruments very similar to the real surgical set.


High Fidelity Haptic System:

insightARTHRO VR® is founded upon virtual reality techniques integrating a force feedback system based on PHANTOM ® haptic device and generating high fidelity simulation, providing haptic sensations as well as real sounds to strengthen the realism of the simulation.

- Virtual Reality with haptic sensations for training minimally invasive surgery skills -

Configurable: insightARTHRO VR® incorporates a large set of tools and configurable elements that allow customization of the application to fit your training needs. Our system can be modified to adapt to any requirement in order to meet your specific objectives. The system is open allowing the user to include and modify the training cases.

Service: GMV provides excellent maintenance and support services to guarantee the operation of the system.
(TR)Trade marks registered in Spain and Europe (pending in USA).PHANTOM® is a registered trade mark of SensAble Technologies, Inc


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