SenseGraphics H3D API
SenseGraphics H3D API is a dual commercial and GPL (open source) licensed software development platform for multi-sensory applications. H3D API uses the open standards X3D and OpenGL as well as leveraging haptic technology from SensAble OpenHaptics toolkit.

Kick-start OpenHaptics with H3D H3D API builds upon the de-facto industry standard OpenHaptics to make getting started with haptics a breeze. By offering a high-level scripting interface combined with the X3D standard format for web-based 3D, getting started with haptics programming has never been easier.

H3D API offers programmers and non-programmers the ideal environment in which to develop with haptics; from simply importing 3D models to building advanced simulators.

Touch your 3D models Now you can take your 3D model from your favorite 3D CAD application and take it into a touchable environment in just minutes - no programming necessary!  Because H3D natively reads and writes X3D, the fastest-growing standard 3D file format, all you need to do is export your model as an X3D file and add your own haptic parameters. You can be touching your model in just minutes.

Rapid Application Prototyping  A static model can be boring - you want your model to actually do something, right? With  high-level scripting interface based on the Python scripting language, people with script programming experience can quickly add behavioral properties to their models. Python is also great for building haptic user interfaces, giving you the world's easiest and fastest haptic programming tool.

Unlimited Potential As you grow with Python you'll find that your needs become more and more advanced. No problems - with H3D you can implement your own custom haptic or graphic routines with H3D's C++ interface.  And anything you do in C++ is instantly available from Python - meaning you need never leave Python behind. By combining Python and C++ you have the world's easiest, fastest and most powerful haptic programming tool powered by OpenHaptics.

Industry Standard H3D is built following the X3D ISO standard, with a huge active community expanding the standard to cover many application specific areas such as Medical, CAD, VizSim, GeoSpatial and Animation.

Need examples? H3D API comes jam-packed with great haptic examples built with X3D, Python and C++. 

H3D is open-source, which means it also comes with complete source-code to everything -- nothing is hidden!  Source-code is often the best way to learn the inner workings of a product, and with H3D you'll quickly become a power-user.

Download today! Best of all, H3D API for is free!

For More information about SenseGraphics and to download H3D API visit the SenseGraphics website.

SenseGraphics Immersive Workbench
Work with data in true 3D, where you can see and touch in a virtual work volume. SenseGraphics delivers Immersive Workspaces compatible with the whole range of SensAble haptic devices (PHANTOM® Omni™ to the PHANTOM Premium 3.0). More information about SenseGraphics immersive workbench solutions is available at

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