Here the subject is shown reaching for a series of stereoscopic targets generated by The MotionMonitor and displayed on SenseGraphic's 3D-LIW display.
The MotionMonitor, 3D Systems and SenseGraphics AB have partnered to develop the latest in virtual reality immersive systems. Now for the first time, stereoscopic visualization displays are available as integrated turn-key systems with haptic feedback, body tracking and eye tracking, all powered by The MotionMonitor presentation and analysis software. This unique configuration is an ideal product for research in motor control, robotics and assistive rehabilitation studies.

Hardware Features

The MotionMonitor base unit eases co-location of immersive display, head tracker and haptic device through easy to follow drop down menus. Integrated head trackers provide head compensation to the immersive display for unrestricted head motion during viewing.
Add any of the family of PHANTOM haptic devices from 3D Systems to provide assistive and/or resistive forces to the subject's experience.

SenseGraphics 3D-LIW large stereoscopic workspace measures 800 by 600 millimeters. 800x600 resolution and 120Hz refresh rates from Infocus projectors ensure bright sharp images.
Optional kinematic trackers from Ascension, Polhemus, Motion Analysis Corp, Qualisys, and Optotrak are easily integrated to monitor subject hand, arm, trunk, and head positions.
The A/D Option provides 16 channels of analogue input from EMG, EEG, and force transducers.

The MotionMonitor is a trademark of Innovative Sports Training, Inc. PHANTOM is a trademark of SensAble Technologies, Inc.

Presentation & Analysis Software

Present multiple targets in a virtual 3D space specifying color, size, and location using simple drop-down menus. Targets can be persistent in fixed locations or transition from location to location at fixed or random speeds. Targets can transition conditionally based on user specifications.
Apply any combination of raw or processed data to drive a tracking or "chase" cursor. For example, the position of a hand or finger might be used in motor control studies while a combination of EMG signals or joint angles could be used for rehabilitation purposes.

Present perturbated images of target and/or cursor locations using user-defined equations that modify position, orientation, velocities or forces.

Add a PHANToM haptic arm to provide assistive forces during motion or resistive forces to perturbate arm and hand movements.

Automatically track kinematic and kinetic data, stimulus-response times and other user defined data. Normalize, average, and compute standard deviations with a single mouse click. Export all raw or processed data for use in other software.

No programming is required with The MotionMonitor's extensive system of intuitive drop down data menus. Users may also define their own data using standard math notation and a complete set of math, trigonometric, vector, and Boolean operators.


For More Information Regarding The MotionMonitor for Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Contact:

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Voice +1-773-244-6470 · Fax +1-773-244-6473
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