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What's Clear About Clear

Accura Clearview

The use of clear materials with 3D printing offers new levels of visibility and geometric freedom to design engineers – enabling products to be more thoroughly tested and verified.

Translation? Faster product development cycles.

3D printing clear prototypes lowers costs by allowing you to:

  • Evaluate – see how a complex assembly works by looking inside it
  • Assess flow – functionally test fluid and gas flows through a system
  • Save time – work through product development cycles faster
  • Simulate glass and acrylic - print clear components for automotive lenses and headlamps

Whether you choose to bring these capabilities in-house, or take advantage of our On Demand service, clear printing can transform your automotive product design.

This eBook is for forward-thinking businesses, engineers, and designers keen to explore the practical applications and benefits of 3D printing with clear materials in the automotive world.


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