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3DXpert 16SP2

3DXpert 16SP2 Full Installation Kit - Chinese

3DXpert 16SP2 Full Installation Kit - Korean

3DXpert 16SP2 Patch Installation - English

3DXpert 16SP1P1

3DXpert 16SP1P1 Full Installation Kit - English

3DXpert 16SP1P1 Full Installation Kit - DE-DE 

3DXpert 16SP1P1 Patch Installation - English

3DXpert 16SP1

3DXpert 16SP1 Patch Installation 

3DXpert 16SP1 Full Installation Kit

3DXpert 16P1 Patch Installation 

3DXpert 16

3DXpert 16 Full Installation Kit

Offload Calculation Seat - SuperBox

The Offload Calculation Seat (also known as SuperBox software) is required for the Build Simulation Server (including slicing calculation).

It can also be used only as a slicing calculation server.

It should be installed on a PC where 3DXpert is not already installed.

Site Manager

Download the Site Manager

License Server

License Server is required to set up a floating license.
Can be installed also on a 3DXpert seat.

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3DXpert 16 Tutorials

NOTE: New documents or exercises, or those that have been updated to version 16 are marked by the 'V16' suffix.

Any 3D Printing projects require a definition of a printer & material.

For the training materials, download this printer & material database.

NOTE: After the download, extract the printer & material database into your 3DXpert's Technology Folder (make sure to keep the folder structure).

The 3DXpert Quick Guide

CAD Exercises - Basic