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3D Systems' MultiJet Printing (MJP) technology produces high fidelity, true-to-CAD parts, with fast print times, easy operation and simple post-processing for high productivity and true simplicity, from file to finished part. 

Join 3D Systems' Sam Green, Professional Printer Category Manager, as he introduces and reviews MJP 3D printing technology and details nine major benefits for designers and engineers. See the new VisiJet M2S HT-90 high temperature resistant material with 4 new use cases for indirect manufacturing including:

  • Injection Mold Tooling
  • Thermoforming Tooling
  • Sheet Metal Forming Tooling
  • RTV/Silicone Molding

Meet the Expert:

Sam Green

Sam Green, Professional Printer Category Manager

Sam Green manages the professional category of 3D printers at 3D Systems. Sam has worked in the development and marketing of additive manufacturing solutions for over 10 years with experience in some of the largest 3d printing system vendors, specializing in resin jetting technologies.