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As a nylon powder-bed 3D printing technology, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) offers amazing opportunities in design for complex and functional parts without any need for supports.  No supports means quicker programming, less waste, and the greatest design freedom.  Combined with 3D Systems’ expansive portfolio of nylon and composite materials, choosing SLS enables greater performance across a range of demanding applications.

Watch the webinar hosted by David Cullen, Director of Application Engineering, to find out:

  • Design strategies to sharpen part details, take out weight, and eliminate unnecessary assembly;
  • Effective post-processing operations to get the final functional and aesthetic finish your application requires;
  • The breadth and depth of nylon materials available and how they compare to conventional material options.

Watch this expert presentation to discover how to optimize your designs for SLS for higher performance parts.

Meet the Expert

David Cullen - Director of Applications Engineering

David Cullen
David Cullen is the Director of Applications Engineering for 3D Systems and has been with the company for over 22 years. David develops and applies methods, theories and research techniques to provide solutions to technical problems and specializes in the complex technical back-end of additive manufacturing.