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Flexible financing options that put you in control!

No Hidden Fees. Alleviate budget constraints and gain immediate benefits to our cutting-edge 3D printing technologies.

Years of proven success in addressing a range of additive manufacturing applications.

Fast approval process. Get quickly approved and immediately produce low- to medium-run parts at a lower per-unit cost and build complex, highly detailed pieces faster. Quickly create and test product iterations before committing to full-scale production, reducing design cycle times.

Produce complex geometries and intricate designs that would be challenging or expensive to manufacture using 
traditional methods.

Shift to on-demand and localized manufacturing, minimizing the need for extensive warehousing and long-distance shipping.

179 Tax Deduction (US Customers only). Don’t forget to leverage this valuable tax code! It allows you to write off the full purchase price of any qualifying piece of equipment in the year it was financed or purchased. Pair that with no hidden financing fees, and the ability to call the shots on your financing terms and you are in the perfect position to gain a competitive advantage. Learn more

3D Systems can work with you to structure a combination of these options to create a finance plan that fits your needs:

  • Up to 60 Months of financing

  • As low as 0% APR financing rates

  • Up to 3 Months of deferred payments

Program Terms & Conditions: US customers only. Limited time offer valid on POs received by June 15th, 2024. Applies to any production 3D printers, including Titan, SLA, DMP, SLS, Figure 4 purchased directly with 3D Systems. Purchases through authorized reseller are not eligible. Contact your 3D Systems account manager for program pricing, terms and conditions. Subject to product availability. Certain restrictions apply. 

Warranty/Disclaimer: The performance characteristics of these products may vary according to product application, operating conditions, material combined with, or with end use. 3D Systems makes no warranties of any type, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use.

All lease transactions are subject to credit approval and acceptance of all required lease documentation by PEAC Solutions. PEAC Solutions has the right to change this promotion or a customer’s participation at any time.