• Space-Saving Design

    The EXT 800 will fit through standard double doors, enabling office or lab installation while still boasting a sizeable build volume of 800mm x 600mm x 800mm (31.5” x 21.6” x 31.5”). 

  • Faster than Filament

    Save time with our proven high-throughput pellet extrusion system, enabling up to 10X the output of competing FFF and FDM printers. 

  • Affordable Additive

    Thermoplastic pellet feedstocks reduce material costs up to 10X compared to filaments. The EXT 800 is also our most affordable pellet extrusion system, accelerating your path to positive ROI.

An EXT 800 Production room showing a row of 3D printers

Reliable and Repeatable Industrial Production

The EXT 800 Titan Pellet harnesses the speed, reliability, and efficiency of 3D Systems’ pellet extrusion printing for organizations that do not need the build capacity of our larger EXT Titan Pellet systems. The EXT 800 is ready to meet the challenges of demanding industrial production with applications from foundry patterns and manufacturing fixtures to prosthetics and durable goods.

With a welded steel frame, industrial CNC controller, servo-driven ball screws on all axes, and an actively heated, enclosed build chamber, the EXT 800 is built for reliable, lights-out additive manufacturing. The large touchscreen HMI allows easy access to printer functions while safety features like door interlocks and material feed run-out detection ensure safe operation.

The EXT 800 Titan Pellet was designed to maximize build volume within its compact welded steel frame. Door interlocks facilitate safe operation and the adjustable HMI with optimized touchscreen interface simplifies operation of the machine with quick access to the most-needed features. Removable side and rear body panels enable easy access for maintenance when needed. 

EThe XT 800 Printer front view
The EXT 800 Printer left side view
The EXT 800 Printer at a left angle
EThe XT 800 Printer front view
The EXT 800 Printer left side view
The EXT 800 Printer at a left angle

Lights-Out Production on the EXT 800

  • Proven Production Printing

    In production, up-time is everything, and the EXT 800 delivers reliable high-speed performance with industrial CNC motion control, servo motors on all axes, NFPA-79 compliant electronics, and our ultra-reliable pellet extrusion system. 

  • Flexible Machine Placement

    The EXT 800’s space-saving gantry is supported by a welded and machined steel chassis designed to fit through a set of standard double doors. The heated bed and actively heated chamber facilitate reliable printing of engineering materials whether installed in a lab, office, or on the factory floor. 

  • A Versatile Platform

    Our pellet extrusion system is compatible with nozzles ranging from 0.6mm to 9.0mm enabling users to choose between fine layers with smooth surfaces and coarse resolution with high-throughput of up to 30lbs (14kg) per hour for draft prototyping. Thanks to its open materials architecture, the EXT 800 is also an excellent pilot platform for materials testing and development.

EXT 800 Titan Pellet Specifications

  • Build Volume
    Print800mm X x 600mm Y x 800mm Z (31.5” x 23.6” x 31.5”)
    Toolhead Configuration
    Single High-Throughput Pellet Extruder
    Pellet Extruder400°C
  • Extrusion Capabilities
    Pellet Nozzle Diameters0.6 mm - 9.0 mm
    Pellet Layer Heights0.4 mm - 6.0 mm
    Pellet Extruder Throughput.45kg - 13.6kg* (1lb - 30lbs*) per hour
    Control System
    Motion ControllerCNC Controller
    DrivesServos on all axes
    Print SpeedsUp to .5m/sec
    Slicing SoftwareSimplify3D
    Optional Accessories
    Material DryerIntegrated Pellet Dryer

Introducing the EXT 800 Titan

Introducing the EXT 800 Titan
  • EXT Titan Pellet Printers - High-speed industrial additive manufacturing solutions with innovative pellet extrusion technology and optional hybrid additive + subtractive toolhead configurations

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