What If You Could:

  • Have patient-specific models on-hand for pre-surgical planning

    Have patient-specific 3D printed models on-hand for pre-surgical planning

  • Train for and pre-plan surgeries

    Train for and pre-plan surgeries with 3D printed models

How Our Customers Did It:

3D Systems Precision Healthcare service enable Rachel Pope

Rachel Uwimama


Critical cranial reconstruction surgery to correct the effects of fibrous dysplasia—a bone disorder in which scar-like tissue develops in place of normal bone.


3D printed patient specific anatomical models and virtual surgical planning aided the operation.



A life changed - the healed patient went on to become a different person physically, mentally and emotionally.

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3D Systems' 3D printed healthcare services help spinal cord surgery to success

Complex Surgery


Need to conduct complex surgery to correct severe pain in a previously injured sled hockey player using minimal surgical time.


3D Systems printed pedicle screw guides for the affected vertebrae. An anatomical bone model was also printed for pre-surgical planning and reference in the operating room.


Better surgical outcome as a result of comprehensive planning, with much reduced pain and the first confident steps on the long road to recovery.

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