What if you could design and make your own jewelry? That’s what Debbi Beebe, 3D Systems’ Director of Materials and Engineering Services, does!


For years, designers have created custom jewelry using old world techniques dating as far back as the 1800's. Until recently, almost all-custom designed jewelry was created using these methods. Debbi is putting her creativity to use by adding a little “bling” to the rapid manufacturing industry. She uses the ProJet™ CPX 3000 Production Modeling System to make her own jewelry.


We spoke to Debbi and she says that she likes the ProJet™ CPX 3000 because of its “increased high resolution, which leads to cast finishes that are acceptable for finished products.”


Custom jewelry manufacturers use 3D Systems’ products to produce small, intricate parts or patterns that are used as master patterns for casting into a precious metal. The systems are also effective for creating many parts from one pattern, because the pattern is repeatable. Debbi says, “Most jewelry today is mass produced, and with the ProJet™ CPX 3000 you can make many rings of the same pattern if you desire.”


Debbi also says that there are significant cost savings in using rapid manufacturing because you “can change the mold and improve the design with the click of a button.” That can’t be done with traditional jewelry-making methods!

“It’s fairly easy to have your own earrings made,” explains Debbi. “Use the 3D Systems’ Pro Parts Marketplace to make the pattern into a mold. Then, they’ll tell you which caster to call on to cast your molds into gold, silver or other precious metal. It’s fun to create your own jewelry and it’s something special you can create as a unique gift.”