3D printing really shines when you need perfect end-use parts – but just a few of them. Compared to the cost of hand-crafting pieces or creating tools to manufacture, 3D printed on-demand parts from Quickparts deliver a very fast turnaround and cost-effective option. Movie prop makers have been quick to pick up on this, turning to Quickparts’ UK division (formerly known as CRDM) to deliver perfect props quickly.

For the recent Sandra Bullock/George Clooney movie, Gravity, Quickparts was tasked with creating the helmet props. Using 3D Systems’ SLS 3D printing technology, the UK team delivered the helmets from the 3D design data in a few days, with a perfect fit for the stars’ heads, to be used directly in the movie.

“It was a straightforward and satisfying job,” commented Nick Lewis, General Manager at Quickparts UK. “We love showing customers how usable and strong these parts are, straight out of the machine.”

The main helmet bases and structures (the white elements) being worn by the actor were all 3D printed by Quickparts.