Welcome to the sixth and final installment of our End-to-End Workflow Series. In Part 6 we will share our management software, enabling a proactive approach to supporting our customers and helping them maintain uninterrupted production. 

We believe there is a strong connection between machine maintenance and production efficiency, and have developed our management solutions to provide customers with important operational information to increase uptime. The purpose of our 3D Connect platform is to maximize our customers’ productivity and the value of their investment through connected service and management software. With assets that are connected with an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, real time maintenance insights and proactive service provide streamlined and timely support so our customers get the most out of their printer or fleet.

Our management and remote service offerings provide secure access to relevant operational information such as material levels, print times, and build status, and put proactive support and service within easy reach.

Get in touch to find out how 3D Systems’ IIoT technology can help support your Industry 4.0 needs.

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