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Radiation therapy, or radiotherapy, is a common course of treatment for patients battling cancer. These treatments aim to target and kill cancerous cells, frequently with the use of a bolus to attenuate the radiation beam to alter the dose at desired tissue depths.1,2 Although boluses have not historically been patient-specific, 3D printing is making personalization more accessible.

VSP Bolus Face Demo
VSP Bolus delivers patient-specific 3D printed accessories that contour to the patient's anatomy, enabling more efficacious treatment and a more comfortable experience.

Patient-specific boluses have shown an improvement in patient conformality as well as demonstrated improved radiotherapy plan dose conformity.3 VSP® Bolus is an FDA-cleared patient-specific solution that simplifies access to personalized boluses. The VSP Bolus service model enables clinicians to use an FDA-cleared patient-specific bolus for their oncology cases with limited device design burden. By providing a straightforward path from design to delivery, radiation oncology gains the benefits of elastomeric, patient-specific devices without the barrier-to-entry of design expertise or the purchase of software or equipment. 

Learn how VSP Bolus connects clinical teams with personalized technology for their patients in our new technology brief, Personalize Radiotherapy with VSP Bolus. Download your copy today.  

Did you know VSP® Bolus won 3D Printing Industry's Application of the Year Award in the "medical, dental or healthcare" category? See the other winning technologies and applications here.

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