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Introducing New Applications at AMUG

3D Systems was on the floor at AMUG 2023 in Chicago, Illinois and our experts were sharing new possibilities in additive manufacturing with attendees. All week we featured our wide range of groundbreaking applications and helped teams understand how to best implement them into their own workflow. Check out the highlights below! 

AMUG 2023 Wrap up

Making Industry History

We are proud to honor and recognize Diana Kalisz, Vice President of Materials at 3D Systems, as she makes history as the first woman recipient of the AMUG Innovators Award! AMUG awards this honor to individuals who have made a significant impact on the additive manufacturing industry. Diana has spent her career at the forefront of the industry, advancing innovative concepts to full-scale production reality and developing solutions to solve our customers' most difficult challenges. 


“I’ve been so fortunate to work with such talented people over the years — both within 3D Systems as well as our customers — on truly cutting-edge products and solutions. The confluence of hardware, software, materials, and print process is such a tight weave that you need to know something about everything to make things work." - Diana Kalisz

Diana Acceptance AMUG Photo

Learning from Additive Manufacturing Leaders

AMUG attendees were able to prepare for the future of additive manufacturing by joining Rajeev Kulkarni to learn more about 'Workforce Development' and Patrick Dunne to learn more about 'New applications from recent advances in AM technologies​', as well as hear from Diana Kalisz as she answered questions after receiving the 2023 AMUG Innovators Award.

Patrick Dunne Presentation

Impressive Materials Powering the Latest Applications

Those who stopped by our booth were able to check out the display wall showcasing a portion of our impressive materials portfolio featured in recent advancements such as Figure 4 Tough Clear, DuraForm PAx, Accura AMX Rigid Black, and VisiJet Wax Jewel Red with our experts on-site to walk them through these materials and the applications on-site that utilize them.

  • Material Wall
  • Booth Photo
Marty Johnson and DuraForm PAx

Take a closer look at the durability and toughness in this motorsports wheel gun shroud printed via SLS here with Marty Johnson. With capabilities such as higher part throughput and increased recyclability with an easier process, attendees were able to learn more about the impressive material and this application. 

Solving Wearable Components Needs with 3D Printing

We shared over 30 years of additive manufacturing experience with attendees through the incredible demonstrations at our booth, including this VR headset 3D printed using 5 different printers and 8 impressive materials from our 3D Systems' portfolio.

  • VR headset

Discover New Possibilities in Additive Manufacturing

 GRCop-42 Rocket with Ryan Fishel

GrCop-42 with Ryan Fishel

Check out our new capability in GrCop-42, a high conductivity, high-strength dispersion strengthened copper alloy for use in high heat flux applications such as liquid rocket engine combustion chambers. Attendees were able to explore how thrust to weight and thermal performance can be improved through best-in-class thin wall feature fidelity enabled by the Flex 350. You can find our full-size thruster demon shownstration here with Ryan Fishel.

Cooling Table and Titanium Bracket with Jeph Ruppert

Cooling Tables for Semiconductor with Jeph Ruppert

3D Systems is enabling customers with tailored solutions for even the most challenging applications, including how our metal 3D printing solutions increase efficiency of thermal management in cooling tables for semiconductor capital equipment, embedding optimized cooling channels, integrated air blade to create a gas barrier over the wafer and integrated connectors for cooling liquid and air blade. 

 The Big and Small of the SLA 750

Durable ATV Bumper with Steve Hartung

Designed with 3D Sprint and printed in Accura® AMX™ Rigid Black, this front bumper for an all terrain vehicle, shown here by Steve Hartung, was created using our SLA 750 Dual – the world’s first synchronous, dual-laser stereolithography printer. Rigid, strong and durable with similar stress-strain toughness to standard thermoplastics, this ATV bumper shows the capabilities of 3D Systems' technologies and our ability to create durable parts with long-term environmental stability and a surface finish comparable to injection molded plastics.

Kumovis with Sebastian Pammer

First Ever Cranial Plate 3D printed in PEEK with Sebastian Pammer

Accelerate the design-to-delivery process for implants through advancements in 3D printing technologies and design strategies with 3D Systems. Sebastian Pammer is shown here highlighting two patient-specific applications incorporating several new materials. Come see the first ever cranial plate 3D printed in PEEK and an ankle model with both titanium and cobalt chrome implants and Nylon cutting guides.

Dental with Jeph Ruppert

Accelerating Digital Dentistry with Jeph Ruppert

See how we’re helping dental professionals with our expanded innovations, including our transparent and flexible material for splints and retainers, our new base material for removable dentures with a high-break resistance, and a rigid plastic material with incredible edge fidelity designed for accurate dental models.

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