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Koen Huybrechts

Manager, Aerospace Application Development, Application Innovation Group

Specialties:Aerospace & Defense, Direct Metal Printing

Koen Huybrechts is the manager of the Aerospace Application Development team for the Application Innovation Group located in Leuven, Belgium. With 8 years of metal printing experience, Koen gains momentum by furthering the level of knowledge for customers in this industry to push boundaries together. Finding a balance between technical and economical requirements, he focuses on the added value of functional system design before looking at geometries.

  • 2021 3D Printing industry awards Winner:

    Aerospace, Automotive, Energy application of the year
    Airbus worked with 3D Systems to produce the first metal 3D printed RF filter to be tested and validated for use in commercial telecommunications satellites. It paved the way aerospace companies manufacture RF filters and waveguides.

  • Featured Author via Space Propulsion, 2018

    Koen Huybrechts, co-published the Publication “3D-Printed Coaxial Injector for a LOX-Kerosene Rocket Engine” alongside the following authors Ilja Müller, Markus Kuhn, Ivaylo Petkov, Sebastian Bletsch, P. Van Cauwenbergh, and DLR, German Aerospace Centre.

  • Contributor to TCT Magazine

    Koen shared insights via TCT Magazine, highlighting examples of 3D Systems’ direct metal printing solutions for printed RF Filters.

3D Systems customer stories Koen helped produce and worked with each customer:
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Airbus Defence and Space achieves 50% weight reduction and faster production times using 3D Systems’ Direct Metal Printing...
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New metal printed design for SMILE Project engine injector yields superior mixing and combustion efficiencies, lighter weight, 30:1 parts count reduction ...
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Where our team stands now, it’s great to look back to the beginning to see how far we’ve come. Before 2015, we built relationships with aerospace OEM’s on our team’s first small project. Over the years, we forged partnerships together by us educating our customers, about the opportunities and limitations of our technology, and our customers educating us about some of the most complex applications. It’s inspiring to be able to offer such a wide set of solutions from printing and materials to software and consultation, wherever a company stands with their AM roadmap.
Koen Huybrechts, Aerospace Application Development, Application Innovation Group, 3D Systems