Marty Johnson, Technical Fellow, 3D Systems

Marty Johnson

Technical Fellow, Print Process

Specialties:Figure 4, Materials, Mechanical Engineering & System Engineering, Print Process, Additive Manufacturing, Product Development

For more than two decades, Marty Johnson has channeled his engineering expertise to develop new products and integrate systems. Since joining 3D Systems in 2007, Marty has focused his innovation efforts as Systems and Print Process Engineer, leading development efforts on several new technologies. Marty focused this broad product development experience to elevate additive manufacturing materials through the eyes of the engineer. 

  • AM Innovation Award Recipient

    Marty shared a demo at the 2021 ASME Tech Forum sharing true production-grade materials for 3D Systems’ Figure 4 solution. 3D Systems was awarded AM innovation Award for Best-in-Class Materials.

  • Creator of New Isotropic Parts

    With 3D Systems’ Figure 4 solution, they exhibit isotropic properties to give users a degree of freedom to setup parts for print quality, efficiency, speed, support orientation and more.

  • True Production Expert

    Marty shares data supporting the latest product-grade resins released for the 3D Systems’ Figure 4 platform via TCT Magazine.

  • Featured Speaker

    Marty has been a guest speaker at renowned additive manufacturing events AMUG and ASME Tech Forum and provides in-depth presentation through webinars. Check out his latest feature on

  • Marty’s Patent Portfolio

    Highlighted in this document are Marty’s 19 U.S. approved patents and product development experiences. 

The renewed energy and focus on production plastic materials at 3D systems has really given new life to the industry of additive manufacturing. I am very excited and proud to be a part of the innovation and execution on bringing game changing materials to our customers to open up AM into real production solutions. I’m even more excited to see where customers will go with these solutions.
Marty Johnson, Technical Fellow, 3D Systems